Medicare Dollars Saved by O&P Since 1/1/2016
In 2015, Medicare saved $234,970,479.12 by providing orthotics and prosthetic devices to patients.
See how the numbers are calculated (PDF) or view the study (PDF).

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Disability and Rehab/Habilitation Groups Promote Access to Services/Devices

Three national coalitions including sixty (60) national rehabilitation and disability organizations will host a Congressional briefing on the value of rehabilitation and habilitation services and devices. As Congress considers health…
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Medicare’s own data demonstrates cost savings

Patients who received orthotic or prosthetic services have lower or comparable Medicare costs than patients who need, but do not receive, these services.

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“Everyone’s experience with limb loss and limb difference is unique. However, access to medically appropriate devices can dramatically change that experience, providing an avenue for a more active, engaged life in the community and the workplace. This study offers national data that provides support for the need for access to care — as well as pointing out the opportunity to further explore the impact prosthetic devices can have, both financially and personally.”


Jack Richmond, President & CEO, Amputee Coalition