Healthy Lives


Dave McGill

“Its been an incredible journey”

Roseann Sdoia

“I feel like I’m back to almost normal”


“The motor helps her walk”

Doug Teachey

“I get my life back”

Robert Bliss

“Prosthetics are incredibly important to all of us”

Marsha Danzig

“Movement in the key to health and wellness”

Jeff Lewis

“I golf, I bowl, I dance…”


Ruth Frieboes

“My dream and goals would never have happened without a good prosthetic.”


Marc Fucarile

“Prosthetics have made a huge difference in my life”


Adrianne Haslet-Davis

“I’m proud to say I’m back on the dance floor”

Wesley Holmes

“I’m better at some things than I was before”

Anna Conn

“With the prosthetic, I played tennis, I did crew, swimming, golf…”

Queen’s Story

“I’m confident in going outside, riding my bike, walking around town…”