RAND Report and Disability Tech Gap Presentation at the National Press Club

AOPA hosted a press event at the National Press Club in Washington DC, to share the important research from the RAND Corporation on the economic value of advanced prosthetics.
Dr. Soren Mattke, M.D. from RAND Corporation presented the findings of this just published research that concluded that microprocessor knees are associated with improvements in physical function and reductions in falls and osteoarthritis, and that the economic benefits are in line with commonly accepted criteria for good value for money by U.S. payers.
Dr. Ken Kaufman, PhD of the Mayo Clinic, shared his research on health outcomes for those living with limb loss, including the cost of care broken down by K-level, and the costs of falls. He also shared his research that shows that many patients receiving an amputation are never given a prescription for a prosthetic device.
Prosthetic users Christopher Allen and Peggy Chenoweth shared their compelling stories of how they have benefited from advanced technology in their everyday lives.

The full RAND report can be accessed here.